Our Mission & History

Established in 1966, Bancroft celebrated it’s 50th anniversary on October 15, 2016. 


Who was Hubert Bancroft?

Historian and writer, Hubert Bancroft’s finished work on the history of the Pacific coast consisted of 39 volumes and covered Alaska to Panama. His collection of research is the basis for UC Berkeley Bancroft Library, one of the greatest research centers in the West.

The school

Looking around the campus today, it is nice to know that much has changed, yet much has remained the same. The 50-year old buildings are still strong and got a new coat of paint just a couple of years ago.

Since the original construction, air conditioning was added, telephones became standard in every room and the multipurpose room even got new curtains to replace the orange, multicolored favorites that adorned the stage for many years.

The grounds are lovingly coordinated and maintained by none other than Bancroft’s Garden Angel, Kelly O’Hagan. Kelly’s attention to detail, countless hours of work herself, coordinating classroom gardens, neighborhood and scout volunteers, has helped Bancroft blossom (pun intended) into a place to be proud of!